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Exorcising the ghosts in the machine

Having spent a couple of months when not writing, trying to put this website together, I thought I'd finally cracked it two weeks ago and announced it's launch on various social media, only to find within minutes that there was a problem. It seems the link I had posted was taking traffic to my previous attempt at a website, hosted by Wordpress, a ghost website that no longer exists. Being pretty much a novice at website design and creation, it took me a while to figure out the problem, whiuch was to do with transferring my domain name from one site to the other. This being the age of instantaneous informantion transfer, I guess I'd expected the new website to be up and running as soon as I'd transferred the domain away from Wordpress to Wix.

There followed three or four days of frantic tinkering and editing the site, trying to rectify the problem and allow visitors to link to the actual site rather than some cyberspace limbo. Silly me. It turns out this business of transferring domains is not instantaneous, but can take up to a week. Who knew? I did ask Wix why it took so long but was told only that this was normal, that it was the standard length of time. So all my efforts to get the site visible sooner rather than later were pretty much a waste of time. In the end, all it took was patience to get where I was going.

And now we're here, my apologies for the delay. If you have stopped by for a look around, then I hope you enjoy the site's content. I've posted two of my stories here, as well as book reviews I've written for other websites and journals. I will be adding more content to the site over the next few weeks, as well as updating this blog with my thoughts on horror, fantasy and crime fiction in all their manifestations. Perhaps some other speculations too, whatever will stand.

Thanks for dropping by.

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