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Marble Surface

About Mike O'Driscoll

Mike O'Driscoll writes tales of crime, horror and fantasy that do not rest easy within genre categories but rather roam freely across and in between the boundaries. He has worked in sales, recruitment, health and social care, education and mental health service provision. For a number of years he ran his own video rental business, a period he sees as crucial to his education and development as a writer.


His stories have appeared in many of the leading horror, science fiction and crime journals and anthologies, including volumes of Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, Best New Horror, Interzone, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Black Static, Inferno, Crime Wave, Fear, Albedo One, Gathering the Bones, Lethal Kisses, The Dark and Black Feathers.


He has written on film and TV in his columns 'Night's Plutonian Shore', and 'Silver Bullets', which appeared in Interzone and Black Static. Essays on David Cronenberg and David Lynch appeared in The Third Alternative, and he has reviewed books extensively for The Fix, Third Alternative, Black Static & Ginger Nuts of Horror.


His story 'Sounds Like' was adapated and filmed by acclaimed horror director Brad Anderson, for the 2006 anthology TV series, Masters of Horror. Mike's first collection of stories, Unbecoming was published by Elastic Press in 2006, and his second collection, The Dream Operator, appeared in 2017 from Undertow. His novella, Eyepennies, was published in 2012 as the first in the series of critically acclaimed novellas from TTA Press.

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