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by Mike O'Driscoll

Dianna’s Vision

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Final Countdown

The Dream Operator - Mike's second collection, was published by Undertow Publications in 2016.

Pete Tennant, in Black Static, had this to say about the collection:

"…O’Driscoll building up the picture one step at a time and merging influences from all over the literary and genre shop, so that you think of work like Dick’s A Scanner Darkly and the film V for Vendetta, can see those influences at play, but appreciate that O’Driscoll has delivered something uniquely his own … it’s a strong collection from one of the finest writers in the field.”

This book can be purchased here

Eyepennies was published by TTA Press in 2012 as the first in a series of stand alone novellas.

“Inspired by the character of an American artist, Mark Linkous, this unusual novella portrays a musician who, having survived a near-death experience, returns to life quite changed. The darkness he encountered in his brief journey beyond life is now around him and inside him, poisoning his existence, his love relationship and his own music. A fine, insightful piece of psychological horror, Eyepennies is an effective showcase of Mike O’ Driscoll’s famous storytelling ability and enticing prose. Highly recommended to anyone who prefers classy dark fiction rather than gory horror.”

Mario Guslandi, The Specusphere

Eyepennies can be purchased through Amazon, here

Unbecoming, Mike's first story collection, appeared in 2006, from Elastic Press.


“Mike O’Driscoll writes mysterious, sometimes convoluted, utterly chilling stories. I’ve been reading – and sometimes publishing – his work for many years and am delighted that it’s finally available in this fine collection.”

Ellen Datlow, award wining editor of Year's Best Fantasy & Horror.

“Identities in crisis, lives falling apart. Wherever Mike O’Driscoll’s stories are set – downtown LA, Soho medialand or the Gower Peninsula – the light is fading to a dusky noir but his characters are still recognisable as people you know. Compassion as real as the horror: O’Driscoll doesn’t do inauthentic. The monster within is pissed off.”

Nicholas Royle, author of Antwerp and London Gothic.

Copies of Unbecoming can be purchased for £10 plus p&p directly from the author. Use the contact form here

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